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Treat your body

like you would treat

someone you love.


Who is Nita?

CEO/Founder of Ferocious Spirit, LLC and Angelic Awareness, Inc.

My name is Nita and I am the CEO of FeriousSpirit. I am a wife and mother of two boys. I have been a personal trainer since 2019, but started working out in 2014. Shortly after starting to work out, I moved to Nashville. While in Nashville I started having issues with my knees as well as breathing. After meeting with my doctor in 2016, I came to find out I was practically diagnostic with being a diabetic & that’s what started my gym life.

I started exploring gym classes/trainers around Nashville while weighting 275. With the years of training my lowest weight loss has been getting down to 154.

I started training women because I understand the struggle they are going through, I want to help them gain their confidence back, and help them understand their goals are able to be reached.

I pride myself on being understanding, down to earth, educating my clients, and helping them accomplish their goals.

One of the best ways to prevent becoming a victim of domestic violence is to learn to love yourself, mind, body and soul.

Ferocious Spirit Can Help.

Ferocious Spirit Services

Accountability Partner 

Virtual 1:1 Personal Training

Virtual Group Training

Glute Building Training

Macro Info

Nutritional Guidance

Wellness Workshops

Mommy & Me Workouts

Kids Cardio

Kids Health and Wellness Activities

What our clients say...

Ferocious Spirit Loida

Nita was professional and very respectful. She help me get to my goal weight with her training. She

made me feel comfortable and not ashamed of my body. She allowed me to go in my pace and help me through it. It wasn't easy but she helped me push through it and I didn't feel pressured with her workout. She showed me and didn't tell me what to do. She is professional and I'd recommend her to anyone. Love her.

Ferocious Spirit Kourtney

Reasonably priced, easy to work with, i was able to see rapid change in weight and body shape while working with Nita.

Ferocious Spirit Michelle

It has been a complete and utter privilege to get to know Nita and train with her. Working out with her can be hard work but when you fall short she is never there to judge you or make you feel as if you have failed at becoming your best she will help you pick yourself up, shake off the self doubt and get back to it. Nita was not only my fitness trainer, she became my confidant and friend.

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